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Piano Zen Podcast 1.2: Music, mindfulness, and how it factors into a holistic lifestyle, an interview with Lisa Frey about her philosophy of singing, and how to make veggie chili that would make any cowboy proud.

Piano Zen Podcast 1.1: Mindfulness and the piano, linear versus circular thinking, an interview with Siena Christie about the process of making music, and how foraging can lead to gustatory delights.

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Chef Amy Emerson’s famous “Quesadilla Champiñones” recipe from the La Luz Cafe, as heard on the Piano Zen podcast with William Longfellow Emerson and Gary Carter:

Start with a high quality masa, the ground corn, flour like base. In a bowl, add spoonfuls of manteca (good ol’ lard) to the masa, and knead it together making like a crumble. Slowly add water and continue kneading until you get a slightly firm dough ball. Let that chill for a little bit, then pull off a piece and roll it around making another small ball. 

With a tortilla press, two greased plates, or even tequila bottle, get them as flat as you can.

Get them in a hot skillet or on a flat top and they’re going to cook pretty quick. Stack them on a plate and cover with a warm moist towel. 

Now you got your fresh tortillas, on to the mushrooms.

You want to sauté in a pan with olive oil, a half an onion, a couple of garlic cloves, and half a fresh jalapeno. Let those go for a minute, then add a big handful of those gorgeous chanterelle mushrooms. Keep stirring for another two minutes, then drop in a handful of baby spinach leaves. And finally, at the end, another secret ingredient. …. Black truffle salt.

Adding a pinch to your sauté will really bring the umami flavors.

Now to assemble … put down a warm tortilla, some shredded queso blanco (cheese), then top with the warm mushroom sauté. Fold that pile of goodness in half and back into the skillet to crisp up both sides. Once the cheese is gooey, you’re ready to plate.