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This series of lessons will develop your music reading fundamentals.

Learning to read music is a fun skill to develop and it doesn’t have to be frustrating and tedious journey.  Below is a sample of piano piece written by Muzio Clementi in the 18th century.


 Piano Zen slows down and simplifies the process so that you can absorb the fundamentals of music reading.

In the Piano Zen program, there are a number of beginning courses that help you learn to read music.  There is an introduction in the Music 101 series, the Reflecting Pond, and the Music Workshop.

The Music Workshop is the most thorough music reading program in Piano Zen.  You will learn how to identify landmark notes, steps and skips, intervals, and rhythms.



Course Curriculum

Getting Started with the Basics
Music Workshop – Lesson 1 – Audio – Landmark Notes 00:42:00
This audio lesson focuses on landmark notes which are the building blocks for reading music notation.
Music Workshop – Lesson 2 – Audio – Combining Landmark Notes with Rhythms. 00:30:00
This audio lesson combines landmark notes with basic rhythms.
Music Workshop – Lesson 3 – Audio – Hand Positions based on Landmark Notes. 00:47:00
You will learn how to identify hand positions using landmark notes and then read music using stepping motion.
Music Workshop – Lesson 4 – Audio – Skipping Motion 00:32:00
Reading skipping motion in music notation.
Music Workshop – Lesson 5 – Audio – Intervals 00:37:00
You will learn to identify intervals. This skill helps you learn how to group notes together to read them faster and more effectively.
Music Workshop – Lesson 6 – Audio – Bringing all the Reading Fundamentals Together 00:55:00
This audio lesson brings all of the Music Workshop fundamentals together.

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