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Music 101 Piano Zen lessons are all about the basics. If you haven’t had piano lesson before, the Music 101 lessons will be very helpful to get you started.

The Piano Zen Method is quite different from the traditional Western approach.

There are three types of instructional tools in the Piano Zen program:

  • Audio Lesson – (the primary teaching tool)
  • Piano Zen Music Workbook
  • Video Lessons

Course Curriculum

Getting Started with the Basics
Music 101 – Video Overview – Exploring the Piano Keyboard 00:05:00
This video gives you short overview of the keyboard explorations found in corresponding Piano Zen Music 101 audio lesson.
Music 101 – Audio Lesson – Exploring the Piano Keyboard 00:35:00
In this audio lesson you will explore the piano keyboard using the unique and powerful Piano Zen techniques.
Piano Zen – A music method that draws inspiration from tai chi 00:45:00
Music 101 – Audio Lesson – Learning the White Keys and Building Piano Zen Technique 00:50:00
Continue your exploration of the piano keyboard by learning the names of the white keys while developing a more sophisticated piano technique.
It’s o.k. to hit the pause button occasionally 00:30:00
Pausing an audio lesson allows time for you to process information and be creative.
Music 101 – Audio Lesson – Building Music Skills / Finger Positions on the White Keys 00:20:00
Learning about hands positions on the keyboard will develop your piano technique so that you can play more complex songs in the Piano Zen program.
Music 101 – Audio Lesson – Feeling Inner Energy at the Piano 00:45:00
Discovering and exploring "inner" energy while playing the piano
Music 101 – Video Overview – Rhythm Basics 00:20:00
This video gives you an overview of basic rhythm concepts found in music. The audio lesson will go into greater detail.
Music 101 – Audio Lesson – Introduction to Basic Rhythms 00:20:00
This lesson will give you a nice foundation of basic rhythms.
How Piano Zen Lessons Are Different From Traditional Piano Lessons FREE 00:45:00
The Piano Zen Method is quite different from the traditional Western approach.
Music 101 – Audio Lesson – Learning To Read Music 00:25:00
Simplifying music notation can help you begin to read piano music.

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