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This is a course of Inner Sojourn. You will learn how to play this piece over the course of several audio lectures. However, you will not just learn how to play the notes but also how to play the song with mature, musical expression!

Course Curriculum

Section 1: Introduction
Inner Sojourn – Performance Demo FREE 00:05:00
This video shows a performance demonstration of Inner Sojourn.
Section 3: Conclusion
Inner Sojourn – Lesson 2 – Video – Playing the Intro of Inner Sojourn on the Keyboard 00:01:00
This video gives you an overview of the introduction of Inner Sojourn played on the piano.
Inner Sojourn – Lesson 1 – Audio – Playing the Intro of Inner Sojourn on a Flat Surface 00:45:00
We use a flat surface in this lesson to focus attention on the finger tips
Inner Sojourn – Lesson 3 – Video – First Question Phrase 00:02:00
This phrase comes right after the introduction (Meditation Bell) of Inner Sojourn.
Inner Sojourn – Lesson 2 – Audio – Playing the Intro (Meditation Bell) of Inner Sojourn on the Piano 00:40:00
This audio lesson covers the introduction of Inner Sojourn on the piano also known as the Meditation Bell.
Inner Sojourn – Lesson 4 – Video – The 1st Answer Phrase and 1st Resolution Phrase 00:03:00
How practicing the piano is like a walk in a Japanese Garden 00:10:00
When you practice the piano mindfully, you expand the quality and depth of the musical experience.
Inner Sojourn – Lesson 3 – Audio – The First Question Phrase 00:58:00
This audio lesson covers the First Question Phrase of Inner Sojourn
Inner Sojourn – Lesson 5 – Video – Review of Section B ( 2nd Question, 2nd Answer, and 2nd Resolution Phrases) 00:02:00
This video shows an overview of the entire "B Section" of Inner Sojourn.
Inner Sojourn – Audio – Lesson 4 ( Part I )- 1st Answer and 1st Resolution Phrases 00:48:00
This audio lessons covers the 1st Answer and 1st Question Phrase of Inner Sojourn.
Inner Sojourn – Lesson 4 ( Part II ) – Audio – “A” Section Review 00:46:00
Play through the entire section smoothly and gracefully.
Inner Sojourn – Lesson 6 – Video – Inner Sojourn In Its Complete Form 00:02:00
Putting it all together! This lesson material covers and reviews all of the material of Inner Sojourn.
Inner Sojourn – Lesson 5 ( Part I ) – Audio – The Individual “B” Section Phrases 01:04:00
This audio lesson introduces all of the phrases of the "B" section.
Inner Sojourn – Lesson 5 ( Part II ) – Audio – The “B” Section Review 00:39:00
In this audio lesson we review all of the "B" section material. We will also focus on adding musical expression to your playing!
**this stage is covered by Lesson 6 video. (There is no Inner Sojourn – Lesson 7 – Video – Putting It All Together!) 00:30:00
Learn to let go while practicing the piano
Conclusion: Inner Sojourn – Lesson 6 – Audio – Complete Song! 01:23:00
This is the final lesson for Inner Sojourn. Here we review the song in it's entirety.
Final Quiz for the course 00:10:00

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  • 7 hours, 38 minutes
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