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The Flowering Lotus is the signature improvisational piece of the original Piano Zen program.

As you watch the performance demo you can tell that some basic coordination skills need to be developed between the two hands.  The L.H. plays a continuous rhythm while the R.H. improvises over top.


Course Curriculum

Flowering Lotus Improvisation – Lesson 1 – Video – Tapping Rhythms in Both Hands 00:02:00
This video gives you an overview of the tapping exercises for the two hands.
Flowering Lotus – Lesson 1 – Video – Tapping Rhythms with Both Hands 00:05:00
This video lesson is focused primarily on your solid rhythmic foundation
Notes for Lesson 1 of the Flowering Lotus 00:05:00
The tapping exercises from Lesson 1 help you develop solid hand coordination rhythmic skills before moving over to the keyboard.
Flowering Lotus – Lesson 2 – Video – Left Hand Accompiment and Right Hand Scales 00:03:00
This video shows the individual parts on the piano for the hands separately and then together.
Notes for Lesson 2 of the Flowering Lotus Improvisation 00:05:00
In the Flowering Lotus the two hands have very different roles to play in the improvisation.
Flowering Lotus – Lesson 2 – Audio – Left Hand and Right Hand Parts 00:55:00
In this audio lesson, we will explore the basic hand positions of Flowering Lotus on the keyboard.
Flowering Lotus – Lesson 3 – Video – Hands Together and Combining 4 & 5 Note Scales of the R.H. 00:05:00
This lesson will focus on hand coordination. The L.H. and R.H. parts are combined.
Flowering Lotus – Lesson 3 (Part I) – Audio – Exploring Exercises With Hands Together 01:10:00
This audio lesson is all about hand coordination. We will be putting the L.H. and R.H. parts together.
Flowering Lotus – Lesson 3 – Audio: Advanced Concepts 00:30:00
Combine the 4 and 5 note scales together
Flowering Lotus – Lesson 4 – Video – Random Changes In The Melodic Line 00:05:00
Add random changes to the musical lines
Flowering Lotus – Lesson 4 (Part I) – Audio – Random Changes to Melodic Line 00:55:00
You will learn how to incorporate random changes into the R.H. while you L.H. plays it's repeating pattern.
Flowering Lotus – Lesson 4 (Part II) – Audio – Advanced Concepts 01:15:00
Learning to use the tee-tee rhythm (8th notes) in the right hand over the L.H. TAH pulse. We will also look at the combing the expanded scale in the R.H. with L.H. part.
Flowering Lotus – Lesson 5 – Video – Changing the Rhythm Series In Right Hand 00:05:00
This video demonstrates how you can string together a variety rhythms in the R.H. with random changes of directions.
Flowering Lotus – Lesson 5 (Part I) – Audio – Random Changes to Rhythm and Melody 01:05:00
Stringing together different rhythmic series
Flowering Lotus – Lesson 5 (Part II) – Audio – Advanced Concepts 01:10:00
Allow time for the brain and the sub-conscious mind to coordinate and process the information
Conclusion: Flowering Lotus – Lesson 6 – Video – Putting It All Together with Advanced Concepts 00:05:00
Congratulations! You have reached the last lesson of the Flowering Lotus Improvisation.
Flowering Lotus – Lesson 6 – Audio – Putting It All Together 01:25:00
This audio lesson will explore more advanced concepts to increase your improvisational vocabulary.

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