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Piano Zen Music Therapy - Stress Free Online Piano Lessons




Learn how to improvise and express yourself creatively

Learn how to read and interpret music notation

Learn how to play piano songs and piano solos

Who should take the Piano Zen Therapy Music Course?

with a smile on her lips. Breathing deeply and relaxing image.

• Adults looking for relief from stress and anxiety
• Adults looking for ways to relax and unwind with a new hobby
• Beginning piano students with an interest in music and Eastern disciplines such as yoga and tai chi

Learn to Play Piano Online with Piano Zen

Girl playing the piano outdoors
When you take the Piano Zen Music Therapy course, it is like having a Piano Zen instructor right there guiding every step of your Piano Zen lesson. All of the guesswork about how to practice the piano is removed so that you can relax and learn to to play the piano expressively.
This program will encourage you to embrace relaxation and mindfulness while you learn to play songs and improvise at the piano.
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