Find joy. Restore balance. Create meaning.

The Piano Zen method does more than just teach you to play the piano.

Many people in modern society are feeling that their lives are hectic and stressful. They are looking for ways to restore balance between mind and body. More people are realizing the benefits – and joys – of finding meaning in their lives by pursuing activities and experiences that are mindful, creative, stress-free, and psychologically fulfilling. Piano Zen addresses these needs for all ages by combining piano instruction with relaxing, meditative techniques.

Learn to play the piano

The Piano Zen Method blends powerful, imaginative learning techniques with an Eastern-inspired journey of self-discovery.

Twenty years in development, the Piano Zen Method enables beginning students to express themselves at the piano in a natural way and experience an overall sense of well-being through the balance of mind and body. Through slow, relaxed, and contemplative piano practicing, students enjoy a more holistic learning experience at the piano. This Method enables the piano student to discover internal inspiration and externalize it through their piano playing. This heightened level of awareness connects students to their unlimited musical potential. The result: smoother, easier learning and more natural, expressive playing.

Piano Zen By the River

The Novel

Piano Zen is a fantasy story about an eleven-year-old boy named William Longfellow Emerson who takes piano lessons with a friendly but eccentric Piano Zen teacher named Rosa Carreño. Rosa lives and teaches Piano Zen lessons in the Gate Lodge high up in Imperial Heights above the City of Nightingale. Piano Zen is a secretive piano society whose origins trace back to early 18th century Tibet. When Rosa rings her Tibetan Bowl during William’s piano lessons, something magical seems to happen and William finds himself transported into a dream world called the Whispering Woods of the Tall Pines. In the dream world he meets interesting anthropomorphic animal characters and master piano teachers representing the Four Elements of Earth, Air, Water, and Fire. These Elements Masters live and teach in mysterious temples and palaces. The story follows William’s adventures in both the real world and the dream world.